Is the above Digital Image ID Card the Mark of the Beast?

My OWG page/info is most probably the most comprehensive data on The Beast and Mark of The Beast on the web today.

1. The Beast (spoken of in Revelation 13)

2. The 'Image' of the Beast (Revelation (13)

3. The 'Mark' of the Beast (Revelation 13)

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What are you eating?

New page that will open your eyes to see why the world population is so sick and dying of so many diseases.

This has to be the biggest deliberate cover up of all time.

The TPP of the Iceberg

Monsanto Roundup Glyphosate

Dow 2,4-D and Agent Orange making the big come back on your food.

Looking for a Funeral Casket?

Thousand Hills Kitset Funeral Caskets from $299


This page provides information on making Soap, Yeast, Cheese, Making a Smoke House, and Storing Meat without a Freezer and the like.

We are living in a world that much of the old way of doing things have been lost. Each time an old man or woman dies they take with them an encyclopedia of Survivalist knowledge.

Can we retrieve some of these skills? Anyone with other interesting 'Survival outside the State System ideas' is Very Welcome to forward their ideas to me by email to be placed on this page for all.

Enter the Survivalists Page

Fully illustrated to help you recognise the plants Herbal Remedies Index ...

I am proud to be able to present you what would have to be one of the most comprehensive, if not The Most comprehensive herbal remedy web pages on the World Wide Web today for New Zealand ... I'm sure you will be as stunned as I was to see what is available for free in local weeds and plants.

Although directed for New Zealand, most of the plants will be available where ever you are.

These pages (148) are the work of my daughter who has spent many hours in research to make this Herbal Remedies Page available for you.

This page began as an educational project for her in a local directory here just for our family. When I saw how valuable it would be for others, I asked her to convert it to web format. This is her first website.

Word has it that the New Zealand Health Department will soon make moves to close down pages such as these so could I suggest you suck these pages down and hold them on disc.

What has "The American Way of Life" left this world as an American Legacy

I think it may be an important this to know if we are considering "saving the American Way of Life".


While we're on the American Subject lets look at

Who is Mystery Babylon The Great, Mother of Harlots, and Abomination of the Earth.

Just how much evidence is there to identify this Beast? Why not have a look.

If you think you're a Christian and are not under constant attack from government for your stand then you may very well by only a christian belonging to the State church" or what the Bible calls it "The Great Harlot". (Please note the capital letters ... they are deliberate and carry full meaning.) In which case you are part of the problem and not part of the answer. This page is deliberately presented to rattle your cage. Don't come looking for an apology ... you'll not get one.

The less I say here the more you get out of this page so go nuts.