Kitset Funeral Casket

Just when you thought you had everything you needed.
There's always that one more thing.

"Why Choose A Thousand Hills Casket"
(as opposed to a conventional casket)

1. With a Thousand Hills Casket you get to save a lot of money.

2. By getting family and friends involved to decorate and line the casket you have the support of these loved ones around you when you need them.

3. Everyone is different so decorate and line the casket in the way that best represent you and your loved ones personalities make a totally individual casket.

4. Thousand Hills Casket can be oiled, stained, painted and decorated with your parting messages and art work.

5. Buy now and receive a free complimentary booklet "Working Through Grief" plus Information on your rights concerning burial and cremation in New Zealand, plus where to get copies of documents you will need.

That's 5 reasons why you should choose a Thousand Hills Casket over a conventional casket.

We offer three options

1. Kitset … Do It Yourself .………………………..... $299

Shipping North Island depot to depot $50

South Island depot to depot $70

Our Kitset Casket comes as a Triboard "Kitset Flat Pack" ... all pre-drilled ready to assemble.
Only takes about two hours to assemble for the "Do It Yourself" type.

The Pack includes full assembly instructions, Glue, Square drive Screws, Hemp rope handles.

2. Ready assembled (liner not included) …………......$350

Ready assembled requires family to finish and line as required.
For cremation this requires a plastic liner plus the liner that best represents you and your loved ones personalities.

Shipping to be arranged.

Stock size is: 1900mm x 600mm x 340mm.

Custom sizes are available on request, price may differ slightly.

3. Childs Casket ... assembled only 1200mm long ........................ $200



Inquiries email Neal at ....

or phone 094331750


Hi Neal, I wanted to let you know personally about the kitset casket you supplied me.
Firstly due to the terrible weather at shipping time we had some heart stopping moments wondering if it would arrive on time
and then if it did arrive could we complete it and have it ready for Mum.
I always said if it was meant to be it would all work out, and it did. It was painted and lined and looked fantastic. Thank you so much.
We must have done a reasonable job as my cousin and his wife (eye sugeon and GP) wanted your details so they can order their own now.
Thank you so much, it was a very special experience nursing Mum till she passed and most rewarding placing her for final rest in a bed we had put so much of ourselves into.
We've had an amazing amount of comments on the casket so please keep on with the great work.
If you are interested in seeing our final result I would be more than happy to send you photos.

Kindest regards