The Real Cost of Prohibition of Cannabis

NZ Govt Pays ''$10,854.00 per 28g - US oz'' for their Cannabis


This prohibition has turned 50% of the population into criminals.

All we are asking is that you put the long suffering criminalized cannabis consumers out of their misery and help welcome them back in to normal society promoting the healing of our community.

Cannabis prohibition creates a criminalized underclass who are forever compromised by their criminal convictions. It closes doors to jobs and opportunities, creating poverty and mental illness.

''When has it ever been good parenting to apply rules that can only bring ignore or penalties with no possible reward?''

Prohibition does not work and never has and it's not pulling any white bunnies out of it's hat now.

The rate of cannabis use has increased radically in NZ since prohibition came into effect in 1927.

Anyone that really wants to take cannabis is already, and will continue to do so.

Instead of pursuing a reactionary 1920's “Reefer Madness” style prohibition, Public education of the true benefits and risks of Cannabis, working with the medical profession to advise patients in the proper and safe use of this herb.

Concerns have been raised on the damage to our youth culture, and getting this herb out of the hands of the gangs. This submission if implemented will stop that

Prohibition is a failed experiment of the 1920's And has only caused terrible harm, most of all by degrading our Young people's intelligence by treating this herb as evil instead of educating them as to the proper and safe use.

Prohibition is the sign of the worlds worst parenting. This is a form of mental abuse that when the child becomes an adolescent he resents the restriction on his own judgement, and tries it anyway. So this parent “Takes away his pocket money” (Fines) and “Grounds” him in Prison.

Lack of Communication is the essential cause of all family breakdowns. They are human, they speak and can be communicated with. They have clearly told you they want this thing. You heard the outbursts in the public gallery the day Chloe Swarbrick's bill was voted down …

Opium poppies are legal to grow in every garden in New Zealand, yet Opium plants can very easily be turned into an additive drug … Cannabis cannot … why is insane law like this?!

Pointless entering a subject without knowing the parameters.

Please read our page portion on Cannabis history, and how it effects you personally.

About the researcher / contacts are available on

Hello World … this is what's on our table … to inform and promote thinking.

I/We submit that:

The overwhelming evidence for Cannabis having NO HARM presented in this

The overwhelming evidence that it has been used by over 50% of the population, causing over 50% of the NZ population to be criminals -

The overwhelming evidence that prohibition is a failed experiment of the 1920's and has caused the enforcement arm of This Parliaments law to become unfit for purpose.

The overwhelming evidence that instead of paying Diesel - $1.42 … Petrol - $2.10 we could be using hemp petrol/diesel at 15c per ltr


What we're looking for from this parliament is a Radical change in Parenting Skills

so lets have a look at what We have now and see if there's a better way.


Cost of NZ Cannabis 1927 Prohibition

PA. National wide

Cannabis related Police costs for 2016 … (91 million)

With all due respect they are up against some very stoned people ...


Kilograms of cannabis collected by police in 2016 According to OIA reply

NZGovt agents 'Police' contributes to Cannabis Price by

539kg or 19250 - 28g or US oz

or $4675.32 per 28g or US oz

1 x NZ oz = 31g … 1 x US oz = 28g

Where did 1927 NZ Parliament get it's legislation?

Court and justice system

NZGovt agent 'Court' contributes to Cannabis Price by


or $5663.00 = 28g or 1 US oz

Prisoner $250 per day, @ 328 on 49 days, @ 109 on 180 days

NZGovt contributes to Cannabis Price by


or $464.00 = 28g or 1 US oz

Government Cannabis purchase price is an embarrassing >>>>>>>

only possible due to a quality bud I'd like to get hold of … OR

Learning Parenting Skills from Americans causing Bad/Management of NZParliament

Paranoia: Being Snapped Paying $10,854.00 for an short US ounce of dope.

$10,854.00 = per 28g or 1 US oz

Social costs

50% of the population have smoked cannabis making 50% of the population criminals

Child safety

Enforcement arm Damaged

Tests of street cannabis have shown Synthetic Cannabinoids, Horse Tranquilizer, Tobacco, Pesticide residues, Lead sulfide, Talcum, Salts, Sugar, Oregano, Food colouring, Mould, Broken Glass, Sand, Hairspray and even Glyphosate applied by police and army, unscrupulous dealers in the prohibition driven black market system wash, recolour, dope up with synthetic drugs and sell anyway but not to adults this time … now it's sold to children >$$$???>>>>>>>>>>>

Here's the real cost of prohibition.

$ Bid's brave person ??

Cannabis/Hemp The Remedy

Good Parents/Governments Know that by Lowering the Value of a Conflict we Soften The Barrier to Resolve it.

Adults speak quietly/clearly and Objectively with young people

(Not Con-Science = Emotional … But Truth and Science)

''How do you think that will work out for you?''


By owning 50% of a market you can control the value of the product.

by lowering the price of cannabis you devalue that currency of criminals


This Submission Proposal.

I/We submit that the hemp regulations be extended to include Hemp, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica and hybrids with the recommended regulation alterations and all penalties and replaced with a socially acceptable method of education without destructive penalties.


1. Create Local New Zealand Cannabis Stock Market

2. Create local internal currency $NZC / Green Card Currency / $NZC100.00 = NZ$100.00.

The Internal Green Currency Stable from Outside Financial Adjustments.

3. Create a State Owned Enterprise to purchase and process product for it's medical requirements.


State Owned Enterprise compete with Private & Commercial - to stabilizes price

If govt can see past tax, This will cause stimulation of the internal market.


We believe that this subject is too important for a State Ran referendum especially as we can see the bias already present, therefore we submit that as the State/Medical and Herbalist cannot agree, and accepting that both religions/beliefs have their right under the bill of rights act, that there be an agreeable parting of our ways to allow an open, and informed environment for free public choice.

Say a '10 year referendum' by word of mouth / votes on number of survivors, Where Winner Takes ALL.

These pages are either here now or coming very soon.


or Cannabis history.

Savings in Medical/Veterinary and Drug import costs

The State medical says very little gain, good for tax, medical comments rely on Reefer Madness which was a very poorly made religious propaganda movie of the 1930's but apparently still entertaining for some.

Separation of Two Beliefs, both are protected under the bill of rights

State sanctioned medical no longer has an oath to 'Do No Harm',


In the entire recorded history of man, there have been:

42 doctors who have lived to 100.

78 business people have lived to 100.

186 scientists have lived to 100

These Scientists have now said 'the first person to live to 1000 has already been born'


To the Herbalist The Principle of doing no harm is Paramount in Longevity.

Therefore Separation of Two Beliefs is clearly needed by law, as both are protected under the bill of rights

Researcher believes as graphs show, a Complete Cannabis Remedy is worth millions … as do the Chinese who hold 52% of Medical Cannabis Patents world wide and working hard on the rest.

Farming and Business

To provide a backup option for farmers

NZ Green Grown Fuels @ Neutral Carbon Emission

Home Grown Hemp motor fuels are petrol/diesel 15c per lt and environment friendly.

Provide a stable fuel supply for turbulent times and a good base for economic stability.

Today Diesel is $1.42 … Petrol $2.10

New Zealand imported 39,000,000 (39 million) barrels in 2011

price today $50 a barrel …............................................. in 2011...... $1,950,000,000

Tomorrows fuel prices could be as low as 15cents a litre

Forestry = 4 times what pines provide PA.

Stock feed: Hemp or Cannabis as Stock food of an extremely high and complete protein @ 400kg to 600kg grain per acre / plus green feed or silage possibilities and mineral rich feed for stressed or ill stock.

Environment and Rural Safety

Environment Damage

Restores Soil conditions by Phytoremediation … Hemp is grown round Chernobyl and Ilva Steelworks in Italy to take up the toxins from the soil.

Erosion and environment/waterways nitrate control while producing oil and fuel for New Zealand that is Neutral Carbon Emissions, and controlling Wild Cannabis by cross pollination thus combating crime in rural areas (That's A Package Deal ... Bid$ anyone)

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