'Pharquen Good Rub'


'Pharquen Good Performance'

"Topical Application Liposomal Herbal Synergy"

The product 'Pharquen Good Rub' is a 'Delivery System partly liposomal partly herbal synergy'.

WE simply found the way the body cells work and made our delivery system to agree with that.

'Pharquen Good Rub' is not separable from The Delivery System however it can be loaded with anything we want for a Topical Application delivery to bone depth. In this instance it's loaded with "Anti-inflammatory; Analgesic; Anesthetic; Vasodilator; Anti-hemorrhagic; Vulnerary; Anti-spasmodic; Anti-edemic; COX-2-inhibitor; Counter-irritant" properties ...

WE have researched all known sports restricted drugs / steroids and can inform you that there are Zero banned or restricted substances. Pharquen Good Rub has zero % cannabis at this stage however when legal in NZ there is a synergy factor of X 8 *** that we know of

'Pharquen Good Performance' is next out of the lab, using the same delivery system to enhance physical performance by providing the cells with a ready to use supply and disposal system.

'Pharquen Good Performance' is not on sale till after our cannabis submission is completed.




*Pharquen Good Rub*

Pharquen Good Rub is anti-Inflammatory: Inflammation is the signal a cell puts out for the immune system to kill that cell.

Pharquen Good Rub is an Analgesic to reduce and relieve pain.

Pharquen Good Rub is an Anesthetic quicker action to reduce and relieve pain.

Pharquen Good Rub is a Vasodilator it dilates or opens the veins to allow increased blood flow.

Pharquen Good Rub is Anti-hemorrhagic and works to stop leaching of blood like bruising.

Pharquen Good Rub is a Vulnerary agent and promotes repair and growth of new tissue.

Pharquen Good Rub is an Anti-spasmodic relaxes tense muscles and stops cramping.

Pharquen Good Rub is a Anti-edemic, reducing fluid retention in damaged tissue, like anti-Inflammation but a different action.

Pharquen Good Rub is a COX-2-inhibitor this action stops the relay of pain signals to the brain.

Pharquen Good Rub is Counter-irritant is a body/cell reverse psychology effect that both distracts pain and cleans out damaged tissue by apoptosis.

*Avoid contact with broken skin & eyes – contains 2% salicylates *

*You can't put anything like this on a cat please note that*

Although she says avoid broken skin, I can tell you it doesn't sting much and then not for long.

Pharquen Good Rub is really good for kids because it knocks that pain down fast which goes a long way to lowering DB stress levels.

As painful as this is going to be to admit,

I lost a Dance with a young 30kg sheep on a chain ... although I still maintain 'I' didn't lose it, only 'my right bare legs lost it', and that was only because it didn't know where the damn sheep was diving next, otherwise I'm damn sure the leg would have got out of the way. Neither the chain or sheep suffered any long term damage.

I'm told it looked funny but my right leg failed to find the humour.

That damn sheep teleported in 3 different directions similtaneously including behind me and snapped me on one leg trying to follow her act. The chain scored the front of my right leg with the full weight of of my dance partner who had no idea where to go next but it didn't take her long to get there ... ya know those mornings when by 10 ya thinken 'why did I get out of bed?'

Stace looked up from weeding the onions and knowing I can't move fast laughed like any loving daughter would ... and said

"I'm betting that smarts right?" ... as opposed to the expected 'oh poor daddy darling can I help'.

My Right Shin: it was awesome, only grazing the skin tight over razor edged bone, but it was a real mess with massive bruising within seconds and a vein I never knew was there in front up to 10mm protruding from flat ... rippling over the bone and looking like it's not wanting to hold blood for much longer for about 250mm ... it would have been even more awesome if it'd been someone elses leg.

My leg was black, I did the normal 'ice peas packs for 20 minutes', then showered, (which was quite egg-sighting for the right leg) then carefully as hell applied some Pharquen Good Rub to nearly all the effected area ... thinking ... *it's going to be leg up watching movies for a few days*.

40 minutes after the injury and 5 minutes after application of Pharquen Good Rub:

It still looks like hell but there's no pain ... which is good cause although I'm not against pain just not a fan myself.

I'd saw her used this stuff first on an young emu with a major leg strangulation from backberry, a mono-pod emu wasn't going to be viable but he not only survived hes almost normal now.

However I didn't believe it myself when I saw my leg in the morning ... and nor did she in fact she said "WOW that's fucken good rub" thus a product was named but for commercial reasons I used my own creative vocabulary to make it more acceptable. *Pharquen Good Rub*

There was zero bruising anywhere the rub had been applied ... there was a small part of a bruise on the top of my foot where I hadn't applied and I could see the very defined straight line from where my finger had finished the wipe.

Otherwise the only evidence of the injury was a slight pinking just below the outer layers of skin in a sorta *light 'love bite' look* at the skin tight over razor edged bone area ... in fact I'd say the removal of a love bite quickly would be perfect use but more studies are required in this area please.

The really wildly angry vein had completely returned to normal I couldn't even see where it had been.

There was no pain at all, I could touch the leg ... it was back to normal size ..THat was just One application of 'Pharquen Good Rub' and I couldn't rub it in just sat it on top and left it. As a matter of fact it had dropped straight in because that's what it's designed to do.


Feedback ... 'great! best rub I've ever had, I haven't been able to get up at night for years, now I'm free and walking again'

'don't know what you did here but it works great so keep it up'


So 'Pharquen Good Rub' is just that ... she called it 'fucken good rub' and if the name offends you I'm happy for you to keep your pain.

All the feedback has been as we expected ... reorders with other buyers codes from 50g samples has encouraged word of mouth sales.


We have 600g pots at a compensation of $250 or 50g pots at a compensation of $37

it's not the cheapest rub in town but it works better than anything I've used before.

The price reflects the effectiveness of the design and the process required to ensure increasing performance.

If you have a specific where you need to get a compound/s through the 'Epidermis barrier' to a specific area

or backwards through the lymph system please let us know, because that is now possible.


here's why the State Medical System will never acknowledge this product, we learned how the cells in the body/tubular organisim work and agreed with that process

For medical people to acknowledge that they have to fall on their own Surgical Blades and that's a religion not prone to acts of self harm