Condition Recommended Mix Juice
For Tired body, Jetleg, Hangover Apple, Orange, Carrot, Beetroot
For Relaxation Apple, Pineapple, Mint, Lime
For reducing Stress Tomato, Carrot, Coriander, Broccoli, Celery
For improving Digestion Apple, Beetroot, Ginger, Carrot
For improving Immune System
Anti Flu, Anti cold
 Apple, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic
 For Detoxing Body  Apple, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Ginger
 For Cleansing Liver  Pineapple, Carrot, Beetroot, Lime
 As a Skin Tonic  Carrot, Capsicum, Spinach

Specific Conditions

 Condition  Recommended Mix Juice
 Anemia Blackberry + parsley juice
Parsley + grape juice
 Arthritis  Celery + parsley juice
 Asthma  Celery + papaya juice
Celery + endive + carrot juice
 Bedwetting  Celery + parsley juice
Bladder Ailments  Celery + pomegranate juice
 Blood Pressure (high)  Carrot + parsley + celery juice
Lime juice + whey powder
Grape juice and carrot juice.
  Blood Pressure (low)  Parsley juice
Capsicum + garlic juice.
 Blood Purifier  Blackberry juice + black cherry juice + parsley juice +
dandelion juice +. Tomato juice.
 Colds   Watercress + apple juice with 1/4 tsp. pure cream of tartar
 Cholesterol Reduction  carrot + apple + ginger + orange + strawberry + spinach
 Colitis  Coconut milk + carrot juice
 Complexion (yellow)  Grapefruit juice.
 Complexion problems  1 Tbsp apple concentrate juice +, 1/2 glass cucumber
juice + 1/2 glass water.
 Constipation  Celery spinach + grapefruit.
 Diarrhea   Carrot + blackberry juice.
 Fever  Celery + parsley juice.
 Gall Bladder  Radish + prune + black cherry + celery juice
Carrot + beetroot + cucumber juice
Prune + black cherry + celery + radish juice.
Gallstones  Beetroot + radish juice
Green vegetable juices.
 Gas  Coconut milk + carrot juice
 Glands  Celery juice 1 tsp + wheat germ + 1 tsp. Nova Scotia dulse.
 Goiter  Celery juice, 1 tsp + wheat germ + 1 tsp. Nova Scotia dulse.
 Gout  Celery + parsley juice.
 Heart  Carrot + pineapple juice with honey
Parsley + alfalfa + pineapple juice.
 Impotence  Celery juice, 1 tsp + wheat germ + 1 tsp. Nova Scotia
 Indigestion  Coconut milk + fig juice + parsley + carrot juice.
 Infections  Carrot + blackberry juice.
 Insomnia (sleeplessness)  Lettuce + celery juice.
 Bedwetting  Celery
 Jaundice  Tomato and sauerkraut juice
 Kidneys   Celery + parsley + asparagus juice
Carrot + parsley juice.
 Kidney (bladder) problems  Celery + pomegranate juice.
 Liver  Radish and pineapple juice
Carrot, beet, and cucumber juice.
 To improve Memory  Celery + carrot + prune juice + rice polishing.
 Nervous tension  Celery + carrot + prune juice
Lettuce + tomato juice.
 Overweight, obesity  Beet greens + parsley + celery juice.
 Perspiration  Celery + prune juice
Cucumber + pineapple juice.
 Rheumatism  Cucumber + endive + goat's whey.
 Sore Throat  Watercress + apple juice with 1/4 tsp pure cream of
 Stomach Infection  Carrot + blackberry juice.
 Teeth  Beet greens + parsley + celery juice + green kale.
 Thyroid  Clam juice + celery juice.
 Ulcers Stomach  Celery
Spinach + grapefruit.
 Vitality   One Tbsp apple concentrate + one Tbsp almond nut
butter + one cup celery juice.
 Weight Improvement  Coconut milk + fig juice + parsley + carrot juice.
 Weight Reducing  Parsley + grape juice + pineapple juice.
 Youth retaining  Cucumber + radish + pepper (1/3 cup each)
2/3 cup concord grape juice + 1/3 cup pineapple juice.