Annona cherimola

Edible Uses

Fruit - Raw or cooked.

Medicinal Uses

A decoction of the bark is used both as a tonic and a remedy for diarrhoea. The root is chewed to releive toothache and a decoction from the root is used to treat fevers. A decoction of the leaves is used to treat worms. A paste made from the fruit flesh or leaves is spread on boils and abscesses.

People in rural Mexico roast, peel and pulverize 1 or 2 seeds into a powder, then mix it with water or milk as a potent emetic (which can be medically used to make you vomit) and cathartic (used as a laxative). The powder, mixed with grease, is also used to kill lice and is applied on parasitic skin disorders. An extract from the boiled-down skin is apparently taken to relieve pneumonia.

Other Uses

Dye, Tanning.

The leaves are used to tan leather. They also yield an attractive ultramarine or black dye. The seeds can also be crushed and used as an insecticide.