Links to Supporting Documents that will be presented with the submission:

Contamination of Cannabis - the Unavoidable Consequence of Prohibition

Cannabis Synergy (or Entourage Effect) - The Reason we need whole herb remedies

Cannabis in Pregnancy - is it harmful or can it help morning sickness and labour?

Cannabis in Adolescence - is it harmful or are we looking at Smoke and Mirrors?

The real Cost of Prohibition and the Remedy

Benefit to our Farms and GDP

Our Submission to Parliament

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ThankYou for Your bill and the opportunity to address the subject of Cannabis.

The Bill in its current form appears to be a bit like an empty Red bucket with a Green Cannabis leaf drawn on the side doesn't it, you really don't know what to put in it, do you?

Our general position is that we must Support the intent of this bill, because we do support anything that makes cannabis more legal than it is now.

However we believe this bill is woefully inadequate to this effect for the following reasons:

Allowing a defence in court only for those who are terminally ill is simply not enough.

Many more conditions can benefit from this herb, and not only for pain relief and quality of life.

It does not allow for any application to Veterinary medicine, which is a seriously overlooked potential.

It provides no ability for the patients to access the herb nor a defence for those who provide it for them.

It does not ensure access to complete herbal products containing an intact natural synergy.

It does not allow for those in need to produce anything on their own, should they desire to do so.

Clause 5 We believe this clause lacks guts.

Therefore as an absolute minimum standard we suggest this be extended to 'Qualifying condition' or similar wording, which would have to be specified in a new Schedule and include (instead of the general classifications that were so strenuously objected to in Julie & Chloe's bill) all the conditions and criteria that other jurisdictions have already listed in their own qualification criteria:

AIDS Wasting Syndrome
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Brain Injury/Stroke
Cerebral palsy
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Chronic pancreatitis
Chronic renal failure requiring dialysis
Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis
Decompensated cirrhosis
Eating Disorders of Senior citizens
Huntington’s disease
Inclusion Body Myositis
Interstitial cystitis
Intractable migraines
Mitochondrial disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Myasthenia gravis
Nail Patella Syndrome
Nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy
Parkinson’s disease
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
Residual limb pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Senior Health
Severe and persistent muscle spasms
Severe nausea
Sickle Cell Disease
Sjogren’s syndrome
Spinal Cord Injury
Spinal cord disease (including but not limited to arachnoiditis, Tarlov cysts, hydromyelia & syringomelia)
Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA)
Tarlov cysts
Tourette's Syndrome
Any other chronic or debilitating disease or treatment for such diseases, which produce any of the following:

It also does not allow for extension to encompass new scientific knowledge or simple Error of omission (we are sorry if we have Omitted any disorders others would like to see here, we did our best to include everything we can prove) and therefore should include a clause to allow the treatment of other conditions if it is demonstrably beneficial to the patient. Perhaps this would involve an application to the Minister as Sativex used to. This would prevent putting pressure on GPs to make a professional judgement of their patient's needs, but still allow for additional conditions to be treated.

Application for this facility should be easy, inexpensive and stress-free.

There cannot be need for having tried every other available medication first. This is like a Slap in the Face to those of us who believe in organic and natural healthcare principals, and it forces many more to suffer debilitating side effects of medications that fail to prevent long term damage to the patient's health and lifespan.

Let me explain that.

Inflammation is the chemical signal a cell releases to call the immune system down on damaged cells, bacteria and toxins. In an acute situation (say, dad hits his thumb with a hammer and the damaged cells and dead blood need cleaning out ;-) this is a good thing. However in a chronic situation, inflammation becomes a problem. Chronic inflammation is caused by a malfunction. Cells keep releasing stress signals; the immune system keeps attacking them; more damage, more inflammation. It's a vicious cycle, without cannabinoids to regulate it.

Ultimately inflammation becomes deadly. Every time a cell is destroyed, telomeres shorten (Our DNA is capped with Telomeres, these Limited numbers of Telomere Caps are lost when a cell divides or dies, when we run out of Telomeres we die), stem cells are depleted, and more toxins have to be cleaned out by the organs who in turn are damaged by them, requiring cellular destruction and replacement, and deteriorating in their turn. This is called 'Ageing', and an overwhelming percentage of the population do experience this disorder at some time.

People with a lot of inflammation age faster. Every moment a person suffers with a 'chronic inflammatory disorder' is more time lost from their lifespan. It is not just the pain and disability that we are fighting for relief of with medicinal cannabis. It is their life running out while this debate is perpetuated.

An example is Rheumatoid arthritis. Cannabis can relieve this disorder because various compounds in the herb join together in a multi-pronged attack, namely preventing the production of inflammatory signals by healthy cells, reducing the levels of these chemical signals loose in the body where they don't need to be, protecting healthy cells from damage by loose toxins, and aids the immune system by destroying cancer cells, bacteria, etc.

RA is technically not 'terminal', however the existing medications for this condition don't help with overall systemic inflammation. In fact, by suppressing the immune system, they actually impede the body's defences. This shows in vulnerability to viral disorders like the flu, but the less appreciated effect is that damaged cells and toxins inside the body are neglected too. These in turn poison more cells around them, causing more stress and decay throughout the body, more strain on resources and organs. Faster ageing.

Many people have observed friends and family members with chronic disorders struggling with fatigue, organ failure, or simply witnessed their hair grey over a short period of time. Our friend has rheumatoid arthritis. Every day, every week and month that goes by, her condition deteriorates, she spends more time sleeping and less time Living.

This is the first really obvious sign of underlying damage. For her, the existing cannabis prohibition is a death sentence.

Since when do we sentence innocent people to death through years of torture???

Clause 6 We agree with the NZ drug foundation that possessing a pipe or vaporizer for cannabis should not be an offence. Such utensils are healthier alternatives to all, and prohibiting them is not in the best Medical interests of the public.

Therefore we suggest that this clause be changed to:

"However, in any proceedings for an offence against subsection (1)(a) of possessing a pipe or other utensil (not being a needle or syringe), it shall be a defence that it was for the purpose of possessing or using any plant or plant material of the genus Cannabis, any cannabis preparation, or any cannabis fruit or seed.''

Clause 7 We understand and agree that the setting of product standards is more appropriate in the regulations, but frankly we require a guarantee of access to whole-herb and complete active extracts.

Many govt medical experts expressed a desire for a purified CBD pharmaceutical grade product.

It appears you want your Cannabinoid medical treatments separated from the natural synergies of the plant, in the belief that this is a better product because of a theoretical predictability. (I say theoretical because you must be aware that variables such as metabolic differences in patients make a great contribution to unpredictability) and as that appears to be your strong belief we cannot ethically interfere with your 'Practice' of this belief.

We can only assume however that this belief is reached through 'Innocence' as synergies are known to make whole-herb extracts of this plant more effective and with reduced side effects. We and others with the same belief have an equal Right. We can solidly defend this Belief on a Scientific Research basis, as we fully intend to in the supporting document on the subject ''Synergy'' which will follow this submission as soon as the review of evidence is complete … (Life time job)

The constituents of the herb Cannabis include over 60 Cannabinoids and 300 Terpenoids. The THC acts like the High Octane Fuel for the CBD V8 engine ... those that separate THC will learn that their CBD effectiveness tops @ 0.4mg/kg ... In American Cup Terms, Your CBD is your Water Displacement Hull, Your Cannabis Terpenoids are the Foils, The THC is The Wind and the disease is what you're paying overseas companies for your medicinal drugs.

So lets look at some examples:

CBD (CannaBiDiol), which has no affinity for any cannabinoid receptor known at this point, is of great medical value, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic and many more, but it's effect is seriously limited alone. This is why many studies have shown only minor medical benefit of this compound. Alone, anti-inflammatory action peaks at around 5mg/kg for a rat, and drops off in a bell shaped curve at higher doses. In conjunction with whole herb extracts the effect is no longer limited to the same bell-shaped curve but has a more linear dose-response relationship. However another action is as an antidote to THC, it lowers its psychoactive effects, specifically reducing anxiety, delusion and psychosis, without affecting many of it's therapeutic actions.

THC (TetraHydroCannabinol) is the psychoactive component everyone looks at as evil. It binds to both CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. CB1 are mostly localised to the nervous system. They are responsible for the psychoactive effect. They are also how it relieves alzheimer's, depression and nerve damage for example. CB2 receptors are found primarily in immune cells and some organs. These are those responsible for the pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties of THC. More interestingly, Cancer cells have increased levels of CB2 receptors and 'THC has been shown to Kill Cancer' cells by this action.

CBG (CannaBiGerol) Has more powerful anti-spasmodic / anti-seizure / analgesic properties than either THC or CBD. It has been shown to have a potent anti-oxidant effect and to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Limonene is a terpene which has stimulating and uplifting qualities for mood, and has anti-carcinogenic properties. It also promotes the absorption of cannabinoids across cellular barriers.

Myrcene is a terpene which has sedative, muscle relaxing, and pain killing properties. It also has the ability to increase the absorption of cannabinoids, by increasing the CB1 receptor's affinity for them.

This type of synergistic property is one of the greatest potentials of this herb, and must be able to be fully taken advantage of in the nature of products permitted.

Therefore these Regulation's minimum quality standards should not be of a limiting nature, but should cover many different types of product suitable to our separate views on this matter. The safety and production standards applied to other herbal products should be used. Wording should be used in this clause which gives a certainty of whole herb products and complete extracts being available.

These regulations would also include provisions and standards for the processing facilities and production schemes outlined in our Recommendations below.

These regulations and an active system to permit commercial manufacture of products to certain standards, for sale, medical supply, and for personal use of the grower must be completed and put into effective action within 150 days as an absolute minimum standard.

Additionally, we suggest new clauses are inserted at the appropriate locations to amend sections 6 and 9 of the principal act to protect and allow for cultivation, production of class B product, and supply for medical use. The effect of these clauses is outlined below in our recommendations.

Current Clause 5 and the new clauses dealing with sections 6 and 9 of the principal act must include equal allowance of Veterinary use. It simply cannot be an offence to administer cannabis to an animal for medical purposes.


On the grounds that cannabis is a more effective treatment for many conditions than medications available legally today.

On the grounds that cannabis does not cause harm, as many of these other medications side effects do.

On the grounds that affordable cannabis based supplements and medications enabled by private cultivation rights and quality processing methods will improve our national quality of healthcare.

On the grounds that affordable cannabis based supplements and medications enabled by private cultivation rights and quality processing methods will improve our animal health and welfare.

On the grounds that simplified availability of Cannabis species crops for farmers will be of benefit to our livestock feeding practices and water quality, and produce domestically grown biofuels.

On the grounds that legitimate, clean cannabis business opportunities will reduce poverty and increase our GDP.

On the grounds that it has been used by over 50% of the population, thus over 50% of the New Zealand population are now criminals.

On the grounds that prohibition is a failed experiment of the 1920's and has caused the enforcement arm of This Parliament to become seriously unfit for this purpose.

On the grounds that the NZ government is currently paying NZ$12016.92c per 31g ounce of Cannabis.

Oh Yes You Do and the reason is Parliament's Serious Lack of Parenting Skills.

Good Parents/Governments Know that by Lowering the Value of a Conflict we Soften The Barrier to Resolve it.

Prohibition is like telling a teenager not to touch something he wants without giving a reason. When he takes it anyway, the law 'grounds' him in prison or 'fines' away his pocket money. That never worked with a teenager. When in the last 91 years has it been good parenting to apply rules that can only bring 'ignore'-'ance', or penalties with no possible reward?

What we're looking for from this parliament is a change in Parenting Skills.

To this end We present a proposal ... that offers accountability, regulation in quality standards for medical, small and large business opportunities, crime suppression, government controlled local currency for economic shock wave resilience and more.

As there's clearly no standing for our two medical Beliefs to use the same products, we propose a mutually-agreed division of the marketplace (we already have this with other herbal medicines as opposed to pharma grade products) by allowing healthy commercial competition in an open and accountable legal market.

We suggest the creation of a State Owned Enterprise capable of purchasing raw Cannabis and Hemp (to make pharmaceutical grade products) on the open market in full and accountable competition with other Private Businesses and allow other commercial entities to produce medical products complete with the natural synergies, under normal herbal product safety controls and allow the public ultimately using the products to decide which works for them in the usual way. ( a 5 year open medical referendum with a commercial market as judge)

We suggest the government aim to purchase 50% of the raw cannabis/hemp product on the market and maintain a right to do so for 5 years, whilst at the same time allow the other 50% to be private enterprise in direct commercial competition with the New Zealand Government and the pharmaceutical grade system.

That Is Your Market Price Regulator.

There will be no taxation of a cannabis product. However the government will have an equal opportunity in a business market to make a clear and determinable profit, and will be able to control the market price in a normal commercial competition manner.

Products such as creams and rubs for external use containing cannabis should be regulated by the same terms that such products are for all other herbal medicines.

For conditions like muscular injury and arthritis they are highly effective (more so than other formulations available today), and safe (actually much safer than many of the other common ingredients of such products). These products are not capable of any psychoactive effects used externally, and are not able to be used internally. (Lest concerns of extraction of pure THC for other uses from these products arise, I would like to point out that the process would be quite complicated, expensive, and totally impractical seeing the ease of sourcing the raw material even in today's prohibitive environment).

All commercially manufactured and marketed cannabis products for internal use should be regulated to require it's specific attributes at the point of sale with warnings of type and suggested use.

At the same time, in similar lines to other products, the maximum daily dose for certain key elements such as THC can be limited for Over the Counter and Herbal products. The normal labelling guidelines for dietary supplements and OTC products such as "Not for use by children except under medical advice" or "Do not exceed the recommended dosage" are all available for adaptation and have proven very effective and reliable.

We need to ensure an easy grading system for cannabinoid profiles of different internal products at point of sale to enable the end user to easily distinguish what type of cannabis product, if any, is contained in the product. This would involve a product classification system. This could take the form of a 4 part rating system, and would be a natural extension of the classification of CBD product, which would be a 1. For example

Products marked 1 White leaf would contain 2% or less THC of the total cannabinoids in the product

For instance a CBD product. Patients who desire a product without active levels of THC would choose this.
This product as a flavoured lozenge would be good for Seizure disorders of Children.

Products marked 2 Green leaves would contain more than 2 but no more than 20% proportional THC

For instance a product with low levels of THC as a complimentary synergy, but not high enough to cause significant psychoactive effects
An oil-containing capsule at 15% THC/85% CBD would be of value in the relief of arthritis

Products marked 3 Yellow leaves would contain more than 20 but no more than 50% proportional THC

For instance products with potentially therapeutic levels of THC balanced with CBD to reduce side effects
Sativex, an oral spray containing THC and CBD at 50/50 ratio is already approved for Pain and Spasticity.

Products marked 4 Red leaves would contain a majority of THC.

For instance a vaporised product at 93% THC proportionally and including a full terpene profile high in Limonene, low in Myrcene, for the relief of Depression would fit this description.

This last grade covers the widest range of products, however the intent is that over this proportional level would have further labelling requirements to advise those who may be adversely effected by the wrong product.

In this instance, a Schizophrenic patient who sees the red stars will check the label and if he reads almost pure THC, can choose instead a product that contains 30% CBD knowing this will counter his anxiety safely.

Industrial Hemp, by it's definition can produce a CBD product from the appropriate variety.

Therefore it should not be excluded from the subject.

We submit that the Industrial hemp regulations, with the recommended alterations, be extended to include the entire Cannabis genus.

Alterations we think are appropriate would be:

Hemp and cannabis growers should NOT be licensed but registered plots similar to beehives.

Firstly, if an act is not illegal, there is no reason for Licence (an exemption from prosecution for an act that would ordinarily be illegal), and therefore We would be opposed and strongly object to License.

Secondly, those who want to should be able to grow their own for medicinal use, and process it into other products at home for personal use (which must include near family, and animals for whom the individual is responsible for the welfare and care). This activity cannot require a 'License' as it is a minimum requirement at law. The number and variety of plants for personal, medical use should not be limited to an arbitrary number, but should be based on demonstrable need, on a case-by case basis.

To maintain our international obligations, there should be a process of Registration. This allows for accountability and product quality for both international, domestic and business statistics in an open market.

So instead plots should be registered (similar to the way beehives are), with the same details like Weight of Seed or Number of Plants, the Variety, the Location, the Person in Charge, etc etc, just as it is in the Maintenance of Records section of the Industrial Hemp regulations today.

I have heard it said that patients don't necessarily wish to grow their own, and that we don't expect patients to grow their own medication in any other instance. I agree, but I would like to point out that they are not being 'Expected' to grow their own, in fact they should be able to purchase it easily in a variety of forms for various conditions and application methods, and I am sure that ultimately the large percentage of patients will choose this option. That's great.

Many patients though are currently growing and processing their own cannabis, or having others do it for them. They are happy with the results of their products and just don't want to be made criminals for this activity. On the other hand, many patients who purchase the other medications referred to would be happier to grow an equivalent herb if that were possible. Most pharmaceutical medications that are being compared here simply don't grow on trees.

With herbal medicines, many patients actually do grow their own. Their beliefs and research may have shown their product as organic, of high quality, and grown in a specific way to maximise some benefit (for instance by exposing some plants to higher levels of UV light you can increase the level of certain anti-oxidant flavanoids). We think People who have a Different Belief from The State have a right under the bill of rights act to do this with for their own health, welfare and longevity.

Does The State have any Specific Objections to Beliefs and Ethics, other than it's own, that cause no harm?

Another obvious point in this area is that right now there isn't a good supply of affordable product to purchase. (Unless anyone actually wants to see cancer patients hanging out at skate parks hitting teenagers up for potentially contaminated weed??) Enabling them to either grow or process their own, or have someone who they trust and is demonstrably capable of the job to do this for them, allows access for these people immediately.

Manufacture of class B products for Personal Medical use should also be permitted. The Quantity and nature of product must be entirely flexible, and should be within demonstrable need. An agreed-upon Designated agent should be permitted under the primary restriction of demonstrable need for that.

Another necessary move to enable access and cease persecuting the so-called 'Green Fairies' would be to put in place a legal defence for cultivation of cannabis, manufacture of class B cannabis products, and supply of the aforementioned, on the grounds of the supply being to people who are legally allowed to use it, that the product supplied is of good quality, meeting the normal health and safety standards for herbal products, and most importantly causing no harm.

An even better option would see patients able to have their own raw herb processed into more refined products of whatever nature is appropriate for their purposes, by qualified private businesses or govt-approved facilities for this purpose. (Much like the 'Home-kill' system for meat, as an example)

This makes the best of both worlds, where patients who cannot afford to purchase expensive concentrates, oils, or pharmaceutical grade products, have the option of growing their own crop and sending it to be processed into those more refined products at a proportional processing fee. (As an example of the saving that could be reached, cannabis fuel diesel/petrol can be produced for 15c/lt. Fuel oil company fuel Diesel $1.42/Petrol $2.10. Could the medical products show us a similar saving??)

Commercial growers of any scale should be able to access this facility as well, so they have the option of directly marketing refined and manufactured products without needing their own licensed processing facilities.

All govt and privately owned business facilities approved to process herb into refined products on behalf of others must be capable of analysing the herb beforehand to confirm freedom from contamination. They should be capable of providing an analysis of the resultant product showing the percentage of cannabinoids, terpenoids, etc as desired by the customer.

Growers should also be able to sell their raw herb to these private or state owned enterprises, who will then process it into various grades of product (ranging from simple herbal extracts like tinctures and oils, through to to pharmaceutical grade extracts) for domestic and international sale. (Just like the Milk, Meat and Possum Fur markets for example)

These companies should verify the cannabinoid profile, quality, and purity of the herb they purchase. Similar to the grading process for meat this analysis should be reflected in the price. Any product fraud or contaminants are exposed on this analysis sheet, (just as disease or medication residues are exposed at the abattoirs.)

Reliable growers with consistently good product could be certified similar to the C1 -C10 in TB status for cows with quality and purity of product supplied by year rating. Or by random samples during growing season to lift in C status payout for that year.

Small-time growers for profit should be encouraged among our unemployed, solo mums in co-op's with seniors, etc. To this purpose, application fees if any and startup costs should be subsidised for qualifying individuals, and quality seeds of known varieties and growing guides should be provided. (This system would be a complimentary alternative to the current Welfare system.)

By removing Cannabis from the illegal Black Marketplace and placing it in the hands of our neighbourhood co-op systems, we take the wind from the sales of the underground trade.

Coupled with our proposal below to utilise the natural pollination properties of hemp seed crops to discourage 'Outlaw' crops, this will reduce national crime and increase the safety of our communities.

Lowering the pressure on law and order systems that are always struggling for resources and man hours will allow better attention to crimes like Burglary and Assault. (Perhaps we could see more funding and Police hours available for crime response in rural and remote areas.)

Certainly our prison systems full to overflow with people convicted of cannabis-based 'crimes' (many of them are there for helping suffering people access healing … How Could You do less) would be suddenly relieved of that pressure.

We suggest that New Zealand Prisons after that would be a safer place if Cannabis (leaf and low grade head, calming/sedative types NOT stimulating or potent products) was supplied weekly and we submit this would lower the problems of violence and addiction to other drugs, while devaluing the cannabis-based prison currency system.

Prohibition has advantaged the criminal underworld both inside and outside of prison in that their currency literally Grows on Trees.

Today is The Day, We Take Over The Orchard.

Grow An Internal New Zealand Green Currency as opposed to a cannabis tax backed by a New Zealand Clean Green Neutral Carbon Emissions Hemp BioFuel System @ 15c litre, which leaves enough movement to stabilise from Outside Financial Movements. That global 'negative adjustment' just became a domestic bump ... Up ... because We Worked Together.

As part of the regulation and control system, crops of Pollen-producing varieties can be used to discourage 'Outlaw' crops of Sinsemilla.

Let me explain that. In order for a cannabis crop for either medicinal or recreational use to reach full potency, it must not be allowed to produce seeds. Although these seeds are a nutritional treasure, in producing them the plant compromises on cannabinoid content. The grower of a medicinal or recreational product wants non-pollinated flower heads to develop. The proper term for this type of product is Sinsemilla (not 'Skunk' as some misinformed sources have claimed).

A crop which includes male plants, such as an oilseed crop, will produce a pollen that will potentially affect sinsemilla crops (pollen free products) for up to 5km downwind, (depending on the size of the crop producing the pollen). This naturally requires that varieties requiring high cannabinoid potency are grown in areas reasonably separable from pollen producing crops. This enables the authority to discourage certain high potency varieties that may not be desired around some areas by designating them Pollen zones.

(As an interesting dynamic, a crop growing seed for sowing must be isolated in both instances … contamination with pollen of a foreign variety will destroy the genetic purity, and it also involves pollen of its own which would in turn ruin a sinsemilla crop.

We submit that private enterprise seed banks be established for the purpose of providing those who want identified and clean seeds by orgs and people that have shown competence in this field, And these Seed Banks be Registered and require a stock take audit PA to be made public for growers to choose the likes of CBD strong or THC/CBD.)

To avoid accidental damages by pollination the Registration Authority must undertake responsibility.

To this end there must be at least a 7 day notice period prior to seed of any pollen producing crop being sown within the registration process. In this time, the authority must check the data of registered plots to verify that there are no crops within the potential cross-pollination radius that could be harmed.

For instance, if an application is made to plant 1kg of an Oil Seed Variety (which will naturally be producing pollen) 500m away from an existing, planted crop of medicinal Sinsemilla which will be damaged by the pollen at that time, the authority must inform the applicant that his crop would damage another and that therefore his registration cannot be accepted. (However, perhaps he could choose a different variety that would not involve pollen production.)

If by an error of the authority responsible a pollen-producing crop is allowed to be registered and planted near to a Sinsemilla crop, and damage occurs, then the authority who failed in their responsibility will compensate the damaged party for his loss. However if any grower has not registered his crop, then clearly he is solely responsible for any damage incurred (either by or to his own crop) by his ignorance of other crops within the area.

This is a natural Carrot/Stick approach to encourage compliance with the registration process without involving criminal charges.

It's a no-brainer already but here's the bonus, you get Industrial Hemp for NZ and Our GDP once it is enabled in this fashion.

It can produce:

Seed and oil expeller cake high in complete protein, energy and fat for stock feeds

High yield, low-input pasture crop for direct grazing or silage which is

Cleaner waterways (by planting any Cannabis species around fenced-off waterways farmers would ensure excess nitrogen runoff is absorbed by the crop before it enters the waterways)

NZ Green Biofuel at better yields per hectare per annum at less expense than any other common crop.

High quality oil

Plastic and HempCrete


In addition for farmers, THC has shown promise as a new option for organic and conventional farmers alike as a new type of drench. This avenue needs further exploration.

By legalising Cannabis, encouraging small and large businesses to produce high quality medical product, and develop Hemp as a farming practice we really do have a lot to gain.


As an absolute minimum threshold for Medicinal Cannabis we insist on -

Widely available OTC Medicinal cannabis products with the herbal Synergy intact

The option to grow for personal use a number of plants that can be extended at demonstrable need

The option of home manufacture of products for personal use

No licence, no fee for growing for personal medical use

Personal use must include near family and household members

Personal use must include for animals whose welfare we are responsible for

No criminal penalties for cannabis, and better price/market opportunities for registered grows

Products for sale or processing should meet normal herbal quality control standards

We personally require to be enabled to grow enough Cannabis of different varieties, and to process it into other products as necessary, for our own and our animals' needs in health, welfare and longevity.

That would encapsulate Our Over All Position:

With the evidence presented in our submission we believe it's a logical, positive and defensible position, that if Truth and Honesty resides in this house we do not believe anyone can prove harm in the use of Cannabis however should any of this evidence be challenged, We will be requiring that person to provide the documents for study that evidence their claim and we reserve the right to respond.

This is our Official Information Act request ''Please provide us with all copies or recordings of all meetings and discussions held by parliament on the subject of this bill during the duration of this bill's progress.''

We would like to thank you for the opportunity of making a Submission on this Bill.

We decided to throw it all in and take advantage of that opportunity, we mean you no harm and trust that no ill will come of it.

However we submit that a large proportion of the population who would have liked to have submitted in relation to this bill did not feel confident to do so. Through fear of social or legal reprisal they have established patterns of secrecy for their own protection. Most of them as the law stands would never dare to send an official document to parliament talking about cannabis.

Therefore we submit that in an Act of Good Faith all contracts with New Zealand Police concerning Cannabis Prohibition be stopped forthwith, and repeal all penalties.

To allow our fractured communities to heal, Those held against their will on cannabis charges should be released. Let our Green Fairies Go, welcome them and encourage them to be productive in their business. We think this parliament will be surprised at the quality they are foolishly suppressing.

Like our communities, Our Bodies are made of millions of Cells. We are a Tubular Organism, ( long tube with mouth at one end and arse at the other, we're awesome enough to have thumbs somewhere in between.) made of millions of cells each having thousands of Mitochondria.

We're All The Same ... Black, Blue, Red, Green, White, Uniforms, and Pay-rates we are all Tubular Organisms and If we are to survive, as a species, we have to do better than Raising Children to Die or we're all genetic dinosaurs.

Just by being alive and breathing air our bodies produce 'Free Radicals' which damage cells and start the immune/inflammatory process rolling. Cannabinoids help to control, use and even reverse this action.

A normal happy cell puts out 'Receptors' for things they need to keep the cell healthy. Cannabinoid Receptors are an example. When activated by cannabinoids, a cell is stabilised and protected from damage. An unhealthy cell such as an inflamed cell puts out more cannabinoid receptors.

Inside those cells are thousands of the most ignored creatures on earth ... The Mitochondria. The main function of the Mitochondria is that these guys carry out regulation of cellular resources and corrective events such as the immune system targeting, thus the Mitochondria control our Longevity. In an unhealthy cell, Mitochondria are sick and dying. They are Disabled, unable to perform their functions and the cell suffers further. Cannabinoids protect the mitochondria and keep Law and Order in the cell.

If you wish to assume they're 'Your Mitochondria' feel free, but please acknowledge the Mitochondria of Your Body, in fact why not take a quiet moment to say 'Hi' (and give them the cannabinoids their Disabilities require). - The Mitochondria in Your Body out number you like the sands of the sea. Just like Atlas Shrugged, when they Know they are abused, you become Irrelevant, they Can simply Pull the Plug on your Longevity.

Not loving the mitochondria carries a Death Penalty to the body ... all Souls Lost ... and its Blairingly obvious no statute or regulation this Parliament produces can alter that.

Testing Has Proven that Cannabinoid's and Terpenenoids in the form of Cannabis have Exactly the correct Balance and Synergy to quieten Inflammation and Restore Law and Order in cells.

So Please Lower your weapons, let us agree together - while we can.

Your's Faithfully

Neal and Stacey