Kio Kio Fern

Blechnum Capense

Dealing with Worms.

!!!Warning!!! This remedy should not be taken by pregnant women because of it is a very strong purgative.
Worms don't sit in the stomach and eat ham sandwiches, they hook on to your small intestine and suck blood.
To treat them, there's a fern called a "Blechnum Capense" or male fern that grows everywhere. The leaves of the Blechnum Capense contain something similar to strychnine, so don't eat them, but it is a good de-wormer.
The Blechnum Capense grows from a single point and has leaves shooting out from each side of a central stem. The green leaves also have a central stem and corrugations. They are flatish when young but are wavy when they are older. Make an infusion of the leaves. Go to where you want to be and get into the position you wish to be in. Many have been taken by surprise at how fast this stuff works.
Drink it, it works almost immediately it hits the stomach, it stuns the worms, irritates the gut, produces a lot of water and if you're not ready you will be caught with a blank expression on your face.
The "outcome" is evidence of it's own.
Don't take your cup of mint and charcoal to settle the stomach (should you feel you need to) for 30 minutes, give it time to fully work or you'll be doing the same gig in a day or so.