About Stacey

As her father and as to describe oneself is probably the hardest thing to do, I'll introduce my daughter Stacey.

Stacey is a 24 year old researcher with a frustrating attitude to detail.

She was read to (by her mother Hazel) in the womb from the first month of the pregnancy as Haz suffered all day sickness and reading helped to distract. She could only eat mash potato for 8 months.

Haz was well educated, a very creative woman, together we decided to create something different in our child.

as a devoloping mind Stacey didn't have an issue with TV … 'we had one' at 2 years I found it interfered with her and my relationship ... 'then we didn't' ... no issue.

Stacey was reading at 4 years, at 9 she read Lord of The Rings 1-2-3 to me out loud ... it took 3 days ... awesome quietness for an entire day.

There Are 3 swear words in our home, 'I Can't' and 'I Don't Know' and 'not possible' … there was the internet and she could read.

When Stacey was 10 Her mother found a lump on her breast. ( Haz chose alternative without cannabis and lived 9 years)

I found 60 + 'notepad' txt files with observations and herbal research, so I showed her a website environment and let her go.

At 11 Stacey had the most comprehensive (that we could find) herbal remedies website (150 odd) pages specifically for New Zealand .
This she chose as her subject. www.iron-clay.com/herbal_remedease_index.html

Stacey's (home) education was quite different in that she wasn't told what to think, only how to think, she was encouraged to research her interests and relate back to us. Stacey was never informed that there were acceptable scientific and medical boundaries or that education ever ended ... ;-) ...

Stacey researched Glyphosate - Roundup as 'The ANTIDOTE to life' … www.iron-clay.com/glyphosate-the-time-bomb.html

Four years after the death of her mother, Stacey quietly cracked 'the cancer disorder' and as a natural result of that research, has moved on to the subject of Longevity where she is now, 'Not Behind the leaders in this field'.

It's in the Longevity field that Stacey found the necessity for cannabinoids in the cell health immune setup and maintenance system.

Stacey's a decending mix of Melancholy, Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, with a 'ok sometimes' pleasent splash of Bitch ;o))

As a father's hint, if she breaks into Latin, speaks over your understanding, or reads too bloody fast to recognise pharquen english, tell her "slow down, baby talk please"... at regular intervals


Being the 2.2% of NZ without cell/net/phone access at home it's up the hill or on the side of the road somewhere ... therefore

Email: mailto:ironclaynz@gmail.com.

RE. that nice young guy ...who couldn't make up his mind what shade of red he wanted to turn first.

Yes thank you, that encapsulates my point doesn't it doll?

My dad

Having the advantage of reading Dad's 'introduction' of me first, I can't wait to get .. my teeth into this .... besides I need a break.

Meeting my father for the first time would likely be the matrix red-blue pill event of your life, so choose the red, meet you there, it'll be fun.

His philosophy is 'no man rules over another, no man harms another, truth and honest', as his daughter I'm good with that, but some don't like it.

Dad is objective but with a very creative mind, he observes natural synergies and agrees with them, turns any resource to new life, fun to work with but is a 'now person'.

My grandmother informed me that they came home to find my father (as a 5 years old) with her sewing machine apart, 'to see how it worked' (she did commercial sewing work) according to her, after reassembling, it worked better and I have no reason to doubt her, you should have seen our blender.

It's true, a large number of studies have shown that dad is inspired by the words 'I can't - not possible' .

Several highly specilized independant studies on the term 'not possible' with controls for confounding factors and a placebo of 'I don't give a f**k' were completed at age 11 with an outstanding 100% predictablity.

UPPER and lower case, even with italic and changes in volume and tone had absolutely no effect on the odds ratio .. however at 12 this research was seriously under resourced and it was shuffled to #49 of my ''50 Things to do when I get bored'' list, #48 being 'watch Reefer Madness again' and #50 being 'gnawing my own leg off'.

So about 12 years I realised the likelyhood of ever realising the completion of this research without living to 1000 was diminished beyond cause and this and other research like 'trying to get him anger' was abandoned by age 13 which is when we got TV again to watch the Americas cup.

However to be fair, my father's rather adverse epigenetic tagging to 'I can't & not possible' did get transfered in the gene because I instintively know that I can create my own determination, move toward that determination every day, never give up or turn aside, and to trust in the law of averages ... then all I'm tinkering with is numbers ... 'how long do I want to wait and what am I going to do to lower those numbers' ... and did I mention he has an eppi-genetic tag called 'A Now Person'?

Douglas Adams would claim dad's 'mostly harmless', I'll say, animals love him ... but very recently I'm troubled by the observation of my father's dyslexic thesaurus's deficiency between 'blowing the whistle' and 'introducing me' ... however to finish on a positive note, and I think it's important to finish on a positive note when dealing with someone you live with ... don't you? well if I had to single out the very best thing about my father it's the Lease Price starting bid because I'm start his Lease bid @ 700 green dollars per month, and that's - and all done 'with my very own pleasent splash of Bitch' ...

/?/* now dad remember that time you tried to lease me out in the Kamo farm shop, to that nice young guy, you know, the one who couldn't make up his mind what shade of red he wanted to turn first ... the one we're never seen again remember?* } Stacey ;-)

email: mailto:herbal.remedease@gmail.com?subject=dads lease questions & bids

If you want to help you could donate skinny $20 credits & email the code number to ... herbal.remedease@gmail.com